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You Need Fire Baby

You need fire baby, you need some
If you think you have it baby, come along
It is not just from your mind
It is not just from your heart
Don't belive that you can learn it
Got to have it from the start
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You need fire baby!
Nice if you try but don't think
That I will bother or worry
You need fire baby!

Just let let it go, just try to find the flow
There is no need for pressure, let me show
It is not my kind of style
It is not my kind of game
But if I don't give you a chance
I know I will feel ashamed


Just try to work hard on you
Belive in yourself and show
What you think that might be fire
Must be your deepest desire
Will you tell me, please don't lie
Let me get next to your fire


Hope you're really having fun tonight
Have a real good time by our side
A sincere show, no fakes
We're pumping our energy
to everyone who wants to see
Let's point out the mistakes

There are so many people not doing their kind of thing
I know you are different, so come into our ring
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh- oh oh ohh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh
We're having some fun tonight
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh- oh oh ohh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh
Hope your happy by our side
There're so called artists fooling people everyday
We keep sincere, going our way
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We just make music for the fun
Not for money, like everyone
That's the secret spice
Not for the fame, not for headlines
No compromise, no silly lines
We'd like to open your eyes

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